I was headed down to Fleming Beach in Esquimalt to climb a few years ago and was driving behind a large pickup truck. I ran a yellow light in the last intersection before the beach, I'm pretty sure I would have skidded through the intersection if I had tried to brake that hard at that moment. Along the road ahead, the truck stopped abruptly and the driver got out and walked towards my car. I thought he was going to let me know that something was wrong, like maybe a headlight wasn't working. Instead he opened my driver side door and said, "you obviously aren't from around here, but in Canada, yellow means stop."  I was so surprised by the interaction I didn't have a response. He slammed my door and got back in his truck and drove away before I could even think of anything to say.  I've thought of a lot of different things I could have said to him after the fact, like "screw you" or "actually I was born here" or "you're legally allowed to drive through a yellow light if you can't stop safely" but honestly I just wish he hadn't felt the need to say that in the first place. I hope sharing my story helps bring at least a bit of attention to the many issues that still exist around us.