One night late December I got all dressed up and headed out for a night on the town. On my way home a white couple stepped out about 30 feet ahead of me from a side street. I was only behind them for a block, but for that short distance they looked back at me half a dozen times. As they got up to the stoplight they looked back and saw I was still behind them so they hurried across the street despite the "do not cross" light that was up, and once they had gotten across, they looked back and saw that I had stopped, so they slowed their pace drastically. I got home that night and in my frustration I took these photos to kind of show myself that I'm not scary, I'm just me. It was right after that when I was about to share this photo and this experience online that I realized that there is no way I'm the only person this has happened to. That's how I began on this journey to talk with other people of colour in and near my city who've had experiences with race, racism and racial profiling. Through this project I'm hoping to voice the frustrations of myself and other POC here in Victoria, as well as get people in Victoria talking. I think there's an attitude here that goes, "Oh no, this is Victoria, we don't have racism here". I want this project to show that while we've come pretty far, there's still a ways to go.