I was walking down Yates last night with my girlfriend's friends while I was on the phone with my girlfriend telling her where to pick us up. There was this group of dudes walking in front of us that kept looking back at me and I said to Emily (my girlfriend) on the phone "man these white dudes keep looking at me" and immediately one of the guys in front of me turned around and sucker punched me in the face while I was looking away (I was still on the phone with Emily the entire time and she could hear the whole thing). He hit me five or six times without any warning so I didn't even know what was happening until I looked up again. Anyways, apparently the guy didn't like what I had said. He kept yelling "you're fucking racist" and "that's racists to white people" when all I had said was that him and his friends kept looking at me for no reason. He split my lip and gave me a couple bumps on my head but I'm okay! I'm not sure if this guy would have reacted the same way if I had been white but I'm pretty sure my skin colour had something to do with how angry he got about my observation.