This happened in the summer of last year, in June or July. It was a wedding reception in someone’s house. I didn’t go to the wedding but I had briefly met the bride and this was something that made this really strange. I walked inside with my girlfriend and she had to step outside right after we got in and so I was just standing around, just being there. After about a minute of standing around, a woman came up and just asked me why I was there and who I knew, so I told her I’m the boyfriend of a friend of the bride and she just stepped outside. I told them my girlfriend’s name and the name of the bride and she said okay, I just needed to make sure. She walked away and I saw her start talking to a guy nearby. After about a minute the guy comes over and starts talking to me and asking me the same questions. He’s asking who I am and what I’m doing there and who do I know, so I tell him the same thing. He was more casual about it, like pretending to be friendly, and that’s when I starting realizing how weird this whole thing was. My girlfriend came back around and I walked towards her and right as I’m getting to her, the bride comes over to me and goes, “who are you? I’m hearing there’s a big bla-… a big guy walking around my house and I don’t know who it is.” I looked at her and I looked at my girlfriend and said I was here with my girlfriend and they were friends, they knew each other and after that I left. I couldn’t be there anymore and I immediately started crying. It was so hard to feel so out of place and feel so unwanted in a space.

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